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Shipping Containers in Townsville: Your Ultimate Storage and Transport Solutions

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Shipping Container King is the reigning monarch of providing high-quality shipping containers in Townsville, North Queensland. Our vast variety of containers are designed to meet your every need, whether for storage, transport, or innovative construction projects.

Buy Shipping Containers in Townsville:

10ft shipping container

10ft shipping containers for sale Townsville

10ft containers are the most common small sized shipping containers for sale on the Townsville. These containers make perfect garden sheds for quick installation, or awesome pop up stalls and lunch rooms when modified.

20ft shipping container

20ft shipping containers for sale Townsville

20ft shipping containers are the most common shipping containers for sale on the Townsville. These containers are great for storing goods, or transporting items via rail. They are also the most common size for shipping container modifications.

40ft shipping container

40ft shipping containers for sale Townsville

40ft shipping containers are the most popular option for people prioritising size. If you need a lot of space, this is the container for you. Versatile, and most importantly, BIG. Buy a 40ft container for sale in Townsville today.

Unmatched Variety and Quality Assurance

We specialize in a plethora of shipping container types, ranging from general-purpose and high cube containers to more specialized ones like refrigerated units and those for dangerous goods. Each container we offer is a testament to durable construction and adaptability for various uses.

General Purpose and High Cube Containers

Our general-purpose containers are the industry standard. They offer a versatile storage and transport solution that fits a wide variety of needs. For those requiring extra height for larger items, our high cube containers provide additional space without compromising on convenience or security.

Tailored Containers for Unique Demands

For businesses or individuals looking for shipping containers for hire or sale in Townsville that want something beyond the standard options, we offer customized containers. We can outfit containers with a myriad of customisation options, from additional doors and windows to interior modifications for office use or living spaces.

Shipping Container Accessories and Features

At Shipping Container King, we understand that the utility of a container goes hand in hand with its features. We offer a range of add-ons and accessories like lock boxes, shelving options, and ventilation systems - all aimed at ensuring your contents are safe and your container serves your purpose ideally.

Modified Shipping for Specific Projects

We don't just stop at selling containers; we push the envelope with modified shipping container solutions that can be transformed into site offices, living spaces, pop-up cafés, or bespoke event spaces.

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Customisation Options for All Needs

We realize every customer has a unique set of requirements, and our modified shipping containers are a testament to our commitment to meet them. We are experts at tailoring containers for extra office space, creative studios, or secure storage facilities. With customization at the core, our containers become the backbone of your creative projects and storage needs.

Site Office Innovations

Shipping Container King dominates the field when it comes to providing on-site office solutions. Our modified containers can be converted into fully functioning offices, with climate control, desk space, and proper insulation - ensuring you have a workspace that is just as professional as any stationary building.

Safe Storage for Dangerous Goods

Our range of containers is diverse, including specialized units capable of storing hazardous materials with utmost safety standards. Each dangerous goods container is engineered to maintain the highest safety protocols, providing peace of mind when it comes to storing sensitive materials.

Shipping Containers

Affordable and Cost-Effective Solutions

One area where Shipping Container King shines is in providing budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. We offer shipping containers for hire, presenting a cost-effective solution for those requiring temporary storage or transport means. Our containers for sale in Townsville also cater to long-term investments, promising robustness and weather resistance.

Seamless Delivery and Setup

When it comes to shipping container delivery in Townsville and surrounding areas, our process is designed to be seamless and hassle-free. We understand that time is of the essence, which is why our team is committed to delivering your chosen container right to your premises, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

Get Started With Shipping Container King

Ready to explore the best shipping container solutions in Townsville? Contact Shipping Container King today at 1300 66 KING. Our dedicated team is on hand to guide you through our range of sizes, customization options, and answer any questions you might have. Trust us to provide high cube, general purpose, or tailor-made containers that will exceed your expectations in both quality and service.