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Refunds and Returns Policy for Shipping Container King

At Shipping Container King, we pride ourselves on delivering quality shipping containers for purchase or hire. This policy details your rights under the Australian Consumer Law related to refunds, returns, and other remedies pertinent to the purchase or hire of shipping containers.

1. Major Failures in Containers:

If a container you've purchased or hired exhibits a major defect or failure, you are entitled to:

  • - A full refund or a replacement container with $0 restocking fee, or
  • - Retain the container and receive compensation for any decrease in its value.

A container has a "major failure" when:

  • - It has a defect that would have deterred a consumer from the transaction had they been aware.
  • - It is considerably different from the description or sample provided.
  • - It is substantially unfit for its usual purpose or any purpose made known before the transaction, and the problem is not easily rectified.
2. Minor Failures in Containers:

For minor failures, Shipping Container King reserves the right to:

  • - Offer a repair of the container, or
  • - Replace the container.
  • - If the container cannot be repaired within a reasonable time frame or if a repair is not feasible, you can opt for a refund or replacement.
3. Proof of Transaction:

For a streamlined refund, repair, or replacement process, it's essential to retain and present your proof of transaction, be it a receipt, a lease agreement, or any related documentation.

4. Exceptions:

Refunds or exchanges may be declined if:

  • - The container has been misused or damaged post-transaction.
  • - You were made aware of the defect before the transaction.
  • - For hires, if the terms of the lease agreement were violated.
5. Return Transportation:

For containers with acknowledged defects or inaccuracies, Shipping Container King will bear the return transportation costs. For all other reasons, the customer is responsible for these costs.

6. Return window:

All returns must be requested within 46 days of the delivery date. This is our return window.

For containers with defects, claims should be lodged within 7 days of the transaction date. Refunds may be issued within 7 days, however real times may vary depending on a variety of factors.

7. Contact:

For queries about refunds, returns, or any other concerns, or to initiate a return, please contact our Customer Service team at or call us at 1300 66 KING.

This policy is tailored to the context of shipping containers and exemplifies our commitment to adhere to the Australian Consumer Law. Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law remain paramount to this policy.