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Redefine storage and shipping with 40ft shipping containers in Australia

These are our 40ft shipping containers in Australia! Step into a world of vast possibilities with our 40-foot containers. Redefining storage and shipping, these colossal solutions offer unmatched roominess and strength, tailored for personal and business applications.

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The 40ft shipping container emerges as a highly versatile and practical solution catering to diverse storage and transportation needs.

Renowned for its reliability and adaptability, the 40ft shipping container serves as an ideal choice for a wide array of applications. With its substantial capacity, extensive customisation possibilities, and efficient transportation capabilities, it has become a favoured option across various industries and settings.

Whether you require extensive storage, streamlined transportation, or a creative and expansive space solution, the 40ft container stands out as an optimal choice to meet your specific requirements.

What are the features of our 40ft shipping containers in Australia?

Generously proportioned

Strike the perfect balance between size and functionality with our 40ft containers. Despite their larger footprint, these containers maintain practicality, providing abundant space without sacrificing functionality—ideal for diverse storage needs.

Built for endurance

Crafted from top-tier, corrosion-resistant steel, our 40ft containers are engineered to endure the harshest weather conditions. Reinforced floors and robust walls ensure the utmost security for your valuables, promising longevity and peace of mind.

Versatility on a grand scale

Whether storing inventory, equipment, or personal items, our 40ft containers offer expansive versatility to meet diverse storage requirements. The larger dimensions make them an excellent choice for accommodating substantial loads in various settings.

Cost-efficiency in an even bigger package

Choosing a 40ft container doesn't just provide more space; it aligns seamlessly with your finances and budgets. Offering a cost-effective solution for storage and transportation needs, these containers ensure financial efficiency without compromising quality.

Why choose Shipping Container King?

Assured quality

Count on us for containers that surpass industry benchmarks. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures your investment stands resilient against the tests of time.

Customer-centric approach

Whether guiding you to the perfect container or providing post-purchase support, our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience at every step of storing and warehousing.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is transparent and visible, with no hidden or unexpected additional costs. Benefit from competitive rates that guarantee exceptional value for your investment.

Environmental stewardship

Our containers reflect environmental responsibility. Experience the difference of choosing a partner aligned with the growing need for eco-conscious business practices.

The Resilience of 40ft Shipping Containers In Australia


When searching for a lasting solution, the choice to purchase a new or pre-owned 40ft shipping container in Australia emerges as a strategic investment. Acquire a spacious, sturdy, and secure container tailored to your requirements, offering enduring utility and flexibility for the long term.


Opting to lease a 40ft shipping container proves to be a cost-effective decision. Whether you require additional storage during a move or have a temporary need for extra space, renting provides the advantages of a sizable shipping container without the commitment of ownership.

Self-Pack Removal

Consider the self-pack removal service, where you pack your belongings into a 40ft shipping container, and it gets transported to your new destination. This offers a convenient and budget-friendly alternative, placing you in control of your relocation.

Reveal a seamless blend of ample flexibility, enduring strength, and user-friendly design in our 40ft containers.

Embark on a journey of versatility with our 40ft containers—generously proportioned, resilient, and thoughtfully designed for your convenience. Whether expanding your storage capacity or optimising your shipping logistics, our containers redefine the landscape of adaptability.

Shipping Container King, your go-to destination for top-notch shipping solutions in Australia. Our expertise lies in offering premium shipping containers available for purchase, rental, and self-pack removal services. Explore our extensive selection, featuring the adaptable 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft models, as we strive to cater to the varied requirements of our valued customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A standard 40ft shipping container typically has dimensions of approximately 40 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8.5 feet in height.

The maximum weight a 40ft container can hold depends on various factors, including the container type and the regulations of the shipping line. However, the maximum payload is usually around 28-30 metric tons.

Yes, you have the option to buy either a new or pre-owned 40ft shipping container based on your preferences and budget.

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