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Terms And Conditions for ABC Container Hire & Sales, Operating as Shipping Container King


ABC Containers has developed a proprietary system of grading shipping containers on a scale of "ABC Rank 1" (worst condition) to "ABC Rank 10" (best condition). ABC Rank 10 containers are the most superior containers, with the least aesthetic blemishes, and these containers cost more than any other grade, whereas Grade 2 containers (for example) are well used, and cost a lot less. Here is our 10 to 1 ABC Ranking system for your reference:
Chart for ranking containers from 1-10

We carefully inspect every container that arrives in any of our depots, we photograph them, then our trained staff apply to each container an "ABC Rank". We have listed the grade of the container(s) you have ordered on this quote/invoice, and wherever possible, we will provide you with photos of the container you have ordered prior to delivery for your prior approval /consent to deliver. We also encourage you, whenever convenient, to travel into our depot to inspect your container in person. By accepting our quote you are acknowledging that you understand the pros and cons of the grade(s) you have selected. You are most welcome to discuss the suitability of the grade you are purchasing for your own application with our trained staff prior to payment and /or delivery.

** More information on our container grading system can be found here:

Delivery of your container(s)

If you have requested that we help arrange delivery of your container for you - this quote /invoice covers the sale of your shipping container(s) and transport to the address you have requested. We have quoted you a transport price based on a standard delivery, that is, collect the container from our depot and deliver it to your address, with no more than 20 minutes required on site, to maneuver the truck into place, and position your container on the ground. We are relying on you to provide us with any information that may impact our transport contractors ability to effectively deliver to your site. While we always do our best in terms of providing advice about the relative ease or otherwise of your particular delivery, we cannot take responsibility for any issues that may arrive at the actual time of delivery.

Sometimes it may not be possible to put the container exactly where you need it. This can be for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to):

  • Wet weather making it unsafe for the truck to deliver without getting bogged
  • Sloped ground that makes it unsafe for the truck to deliver to
  • Inadequate access to the intended delivery site (for example - low hanging branches, power lines or gateways that are too narrow)
  • A locked gate

Under these circumstances, our transport operator will drop the container as close as is safely possible to your desired location at your delivery address. Any additional costs to move the container to your desired location from this point will be your responsibility. If delivery cannot be made to your site due to site conditions that you failed to inform ABC about, you will be charged an additional one off fee for the futile delivery, on top of any delivery fees already incurred.

Collection of your container(s)

If you are organising your own container transport - this quote /invoice covers the sale of your shipping container(s) only. Once we have received your payment we will provide you with release details to collect your container(s). These release details will include:

  • The address your container is to be collected from
  • A depot contact phone number, which you will be required to call to arrange a suitable collection time, before deploying your transport

Please do not send your transport into our depot without confirming your container is both accessible and available to be loaded, as we cannot bear the cost you may incur as a result of a futile freight charge.

Please note that we place the utmost importance on workplace safety for all employees, contractors and visitors who access our depots. We take a stance of zero tolerance to behaviours that contribute to workplace incidents. Safety is a fundamental component of all of our operations and it is incorporated into all our depot processes. It is for this reason that we are unable to load any trucks that do not have four working container pins, any trucks arriving without working container pins will be turned away. Furthermore:

  • Drivers must secure the twist locks on all four corners of the container(s) prior to departing our depot
  • Drivers shall not under any circumstances access the top of trucks or containers (point of work) where a fall with the potential of which is equal or greater than two metres exists

Modifications and Lead Times

If you have requested us to make modifications to your container - this quote /invoice covers the sale of your shipping container(s) and the modifications you have requested to be completed to your container. Please note that we are unable to begin modifying your container until we have written approval from you that you are satisfied with the plans that have been drawn up for you. Please understand that the leads times for your container modification depend on factors such as:

  • The time it takes to pay your pro forma invoice
  • The time it takes us to get confirmation that the container plans are approved
  • Other jobs that are already scheduled into the modification queue prior to yours
  • Weather at the modifying depot (for example rainy weather may delay painting)
  • Other factors

Our depot staff are generally fairly adept at providing expected commencement and completion dates once the above information is known. We will endeavour to keep you up to date if any of these estimates change, for better or for worse.

For more information or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call or email us.
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