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Understanding the Different Types of Shipping Container Doors

Side opening shipping container with the doors openSide opening shipping container with the doors open

Uploaded on Tue Aug 01

Shipping containers are versatile and can be used for a myriad of applications, from transport to construction. However, the choice of shipping container you opt for often depends on more than just the size or construction material. One of the often overlooked but rather crucial factors you need to consider is the type of shipping container doors.

Before you purchase a shipping container, understanding the various types of container doors can make a big difference in terms of functionality, practicality, and usability. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the different types of shipping container doors available in our online store, to help you make an informed decision based on your unique needs.

Standard Container Doors

The standard shipping container usually comes with cargo doors at one end - commonly known as end entry doors. These doors are hinged, swing out, and allow for full access to the interior of the container. The primary advantage of these doors is that they allow easy and convenient loading and unloading of goods. Built with rustic finishing and excellent corrosion resistance properties, the doors are extremely durable and perfect for sea transport, protecting the contents of the container from seawater.

On the inside, they come with several handles and a locking mechanism, offering robust security for your valuables. Standard container doors are pre-fitted with industry-standard weather seals around the edges, which prevent the entry of moisture, dust, and other environmental elements. Rest assured if your requirements are around portability and secure bulk transportation, the standard container doors are an ideal choice.

Side-Opening Container Doors

We have side-opening containers designed for accessibility, perfect for scenarios where there's limited space at the end of the container for door opening, or for use as retail spaces where a larger opening may be required. The side opening container doors span the full length of the container and open as two separate parts, allowing you to fully load or unload your container rapidly and with ease.

These types of doors can also enhance visibility inside the container and can serve as a marketing tool in the case of pop-up shops or exhibition booths, providing unobstructed views of your display products. One thing to note is that side-opening container doors may require extra security measures due to their expansive nature.

Roll-Up Container Doors

One of the more unique and user-friendly offerings in our store, roll-up container doors provide ideal convenience and ease of use and are best suited for containers that will be accessed frequently. Fit with high-quality steel curtain roll-up doors, these containers offer maximum durability and are resistant to mold, dust, and pests.

The roll-up mechanism also saves space, making it ideal for shipping containers used for storage in confined spaces. It's important, however, to remember that roll-up doors don't offer the same level of robust security as other door types due to their construction and must be reinforced if intending to store valuables.

Refrigerated Container Doors

For maintaining temperature-sensitive goods during shipping or storage, refrigerated containers equipped with airtight doors are your best bet. These doors provide superior temperature insulation and have robust sealing mechanisms that sustain the internal temperature of the container, ensuring your perishable goods remain fresh and unchanged.

Therefore, this type of door is highly recommended for food, medical supplies, and chemical products. The only downside might be the higher maintenance these doors require due to their intricate sealing mechanisms and the more complex operational nature.

Custom Container Doors

For the more discerning customers, we also offer customization options. Whether you're looking for French container doors for a container home, glass sliding doors for a container office, or any form of bespoke modifications, our team of experts will be ready to meet your unique requirements. It's always noteworthy to remember that custom doors might take a bit longer to install compared to the standard doors, and might increase the overall cost of the shipping container.

In conclusion, the type of shipping container door you select will undoubtedly depend on the container's intended use, your budget, and personal taste. Whether you require standard doors for basic functionality, side-opening doors for accessibility, roll-up doors for ease of use, refrigerated doors for temperature-sensitive goods, or custom doors for bespoke needs, remember that the right door can significantly impact the convenience and functionality of your container.

To explore our wide array of shipping container doors, or to get help choosing the right one for you, don't hesitate to reach out to us. At our online store, we're always committed to helping you make informed choices for the perfect storage and shipping solutions.