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Shipping Container Ranking At SCK: A Breakdown

Two people inspecting a container togetherTwo people inspecting a container together

Uploaded on Mon Aug 28

Welcome to our blog post where we want to acquaint you with our unique container ranking system. As an online platform specializing in selling shipping containers, it is crucial for us that our customers thoroughly comprehend the quality and value of each shipping container that we sell. We rank our containers on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being the worse and 10 being the best. Here's the breakdown of our ranking:

New Build – Typically 0-3 Years:

10. New Build - Premium

Our premium range of new build shipping containers represents top-tier containers with very little or no scuffs or dents. These containers are fresh from production and you can see the sheer quality in the shine on the paint – they are extremely clean, without any damage. If you're seeking durability and longevity, Grade 10 is for you.

9. New Build - Standard

Only a step below our Premium New Build, our standard container may have very minor visual issues like a touch up paint on the outside. However, they're still almost as good as our Grade 10 containers with little to no scuffs or dents.

8. New Build - Economy

Looking for affordability along with quality? Our Grade 8 containers are perfect for you. These shipping containers may feature some minor scuffs or dents or some touch-up paint. They're still pretty solid containers – definitely an excellent choice for businesses or individuals who want to maintain a balance between cost and quality.

Older Build – Typically 3-10 years:

7. Older Build - Premium

A Grade 7 container is the best of our older builds. These containers have few minor scuffs or dents and minor surface rust. The paint may be faded, but don't forget these containers are still pretty much intact and ideal for transporting goods.

6. Older Build - Standard

Grade 6 containers come with a few more dents and scuffs here, and there, the paint will likely be faded, and there might be minor surface rust. The inside may showcase some wear and tear, but will still be in relatively good condition. These containers can still securely store or transport your goods.

Used – Typically 10+ years:

5. Used - Premium

Featuring some surface rust and visible repairs, these containers are definitely the best in our used category, and are still a great option.

4. Used - Standard

While often featuring lots of scuffs and noticeable repairs, our Grade 4 containers are sturdy and remain wind and water-tight to keep your goods shielded from the elements.

3. Used - Economy

These containers, even when scuffed and dented, are still a good option for certain needs, like gardening sheds or transportation of goods. They are wind and water tight and may have surface rust.

2. Used - Budget

You can expect various signs of wear and tear from these, including possible surface rusting. They're mostly wind and water tight and some areas might be rusted through, but they're more wallet-friendly than other ranges.

1. Used - As Is

These containers are our most affordable. Although they carry dents, scuffs, and possible structural damage, they are still sellable. They might have holes and they're not guaranteed to be wind or water tight. But if your requirements are uncomplicated, these containers could be a perfect solution for you.

No matter what your unique requirements or budget constraints, our wide-ranging grades of containers ensure that you will find just the right shipping container to suit your needs. And with this container ranking system guide, we hope it becomes easier now for you to pick the right container for your next project or business.